Agnieszka Rożnowska: “Levitas”


Agnieszka Rożnowska: “Levitas”

exhibition opening: 11.10.2019 (Friday), 6 p.m. / free admission

exhibition open until 10.11.2019

Galeria Sztuki Wozownia, 6 Ducha Świętego street


Within the framework of “Looking is an act of choice” cycle, there was created a series of works that gave rise to another issue, around which my pictures-commentaries focus. In the “Levitas” series – the one we are talking about – there are shown hanging freely, detached from the earth objects that behave against the laws of physics, against gravity. These levitating characters are homeless people and places where they stay, sleep, eat. Recorded by me during the trips, coming from different places: Warsaw, Poznań, Paris, Berlin, Vienna…

In 1998, at the Student Art Biennale in Bratislava, I realised a work where the homeless became the main characters as well. I passed them every morning, heading to the academy. Now I’m going back to the matter of homelessness, which I understand in two ways. Homelessness in the modern world is not associated with just the lack of place to live, the lack of a fixed point of reference, but above all with a certain state of suspension –functioning between the real world and the open space that does not expect anything and does not force the user, which is an element of urban tissue perceived by me in many places.

Levitation is defined as one of the charismatic gifts, called also mystical graces. According to the PWN [Polish Scientific Publishers] dictionary, levitation is “in the occult: a phenomenon consisting in material bodies floating in the air contrary to the laws of gravity.” Other Polish dictionaries explain levitas as: improvidence, mindlessness, lack of moral brakes, untidy lifestyle, insolence, smoothness, lightness, swiftness, fickleness. Regardless of other related definitions, homelessness is primarily a form of social exclusion, of being underclass, of being in between.

The realisation of “Levitas” was initiated by one of the works that were presented in 2018 during exhibitions at the Galeria Centrum in Kraków and the Galeria 21 Gramów in Warsaw. The new cycle is a part of my project entitled “Looking is an act of choice”, which consists of graphics, drawings, and objects. These works are a record of existing things deconstruction or else analysis, made with the aid of drawings, photos, and video projections, transferring certain facts into a new dimension. Real images that appear here often deform the reception; one is losing the thread being unable to capture the entirety. The recorded fragments overlap each other, each time creating a new quality. The forms used in the “Taken out of context” cycle are “cuts” taken out of clothes – things that we perceive as the entirety on a daily basis. Clothes belong to a man, they “wear a man”, they are like living beings, they wear a memory of human presence. “A human body is being born between them and is dying surrounded by things” – Jean-Toussain Desanti claimed that the things are binding a man with the world.

The process present in my realisations, and strongly related to workshop graphics, is a course of regularly occurring phenomena that are casually conjoined with each other. We can refer this notion not only to science, art or other fields, because this very process is directly related to a man, to the life, and to the changes he or she is undergoing. I am interested in marginalised subjects of transience, rejection and old age, in spite of the media’s idolisation of youth, beautiful body and presence. How is our relationship with space and surroundings changing? How are our relationships with people changing? What kinds of changes are caused by external and social situations?

Agnieszka Rożnowska


Agnieszka Rożnowska – born in Poznań. Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, obtaining honours degree in painting in professor Wł. Dudkowiak’s studio. In the years 2002–2009, professionally associated with the Institute of Design at the Koszalin University of Technology. Currently, since 2010, head of the Drawing Studio at the Fashion Department, at the Design Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Doctoral degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań in the fine arts discipline – workshop graphics (2007). Awarded doctor habilitatus degree in 2014 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. Received a rector scholarship at the VSVU in Bratislava (1997–1998). Collaborated with the “Animagie” animation studio in Paris. In 2015, received a grant from ASO Artist in Residence program in Japan.