Anita Andrzejewska – Deliberately


Anita Andrzejewska travels a lot, but in her works there is more staying on place than moving, more intimacy, concentration on other human than reporter momentary observation. Andrzejewska’s photographs shows not only captured moments but they are rather prolonged periods: instead of spectacular actions, decisive moment there are duration, quiet and calm. Because of the accurate composition, the moments captured in the pictures seems to be more universal. All photographs’ theme is based on everyday life and documentary photography.

Most photographs from the exhibition „Delibrately” has been taken in Burma during the important social changes, decisive for the future of the country. However, they make impression to be located beyond the time. In the series of pictures one can discover Andrzejewska’s favorite motives – portraits, notations of meetings and talks and landscapes rich in details. She reports the history, which took place before she arrives, and which will last after she leaves. The project “Deliberately” was presented in Leica Gallery in Warsaw.

Anita Andrzejewska graduated from printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. She is a photographer, traveler and illustrator of books for children. She prefers analogue photography than digital. She is involved in projects linking Europe and Asia.