„Architecture at Wozownia”

„Architecture at Wozownia” – a series of lectures about contemporary architecture – originated and led by Teresa Dudzińska. The main aim of the project is to show the most interesting issues in contemporary architecture. The lectures are meant for audience which find interest in architecture, want to understand its foundations and various trends, learn to perceive it better and notice that architecture can be interpreted at many levels. Prominent architects, architecture critics and art historians are invited to take part in “Architecture at Wozownia”. The range of topics embraces both the theory, as well as the practice of architecture, shows its diversity and complexity. The organizer hosted such experts as: Hubert Trammer, Grzegorz Piątek, Szymon Kubiak, Roman Rutkowski.




Wojciech Targowski, Projects and Realizations/ Idea(l) in Limitations. 18th January 2016


Grzegorz Piątek, Modernism Modernization, 12th October 2015

Krystyna Januszkiewicz, The Architectute of XXI Century. Digital Technologies and Ecology.

18th May 2015

Maciej Miłobędzki, The JEMS’s Architects, Projects and Realizations. About Continuation. 20th April 2015

Michał Baryżewski, Art Deco/ Projects and Realizations. 23th February 2015


Grzegorz Stiasny, Projects and Realizations. Project- an idea charts the Future. 24th November 2014

Barbara Widera, The Design for Scene, Pop-Culture, Mass Production in Contemporary Architectur”. 10th October 2014

Magda Redzińska Dubat, The City of Great Transitions and and Great Contrasts. 28th April 2014

Mirosław Nizio, Projects and Realizations. The Space of Imagination, The Philosofy of Space. 17th March,2014

Piotr Koziej, Monuments “Damaging”. 27th January 2014


Grzegorz Piątek, Le Corbusier Ubiquitous and Absent. 15th April 2013

Paweł Rubinowicz, Chaos, Complexity and The Town. 3rd April 2013

Hubert Trammer, Architectural Parasites, 4th March2013

Adam Nadolny, Hello, Joanna, the architect speaking. Architecture in Polish Film of 60s, 21st January 2013


Mariusz Rutz, Projects and Realizations / Not Only Stadiums, 26th November 2012

Bolesław Stelmach – Projects and Realizations / Structutre and Conditions. Architectural Works 2001–2011, 4th June 2012

Paweł Rubinowicz, Architecture of Chaos, 25th April 2012

Marian Fikus, Creator of space. Projects and realizations, 27th February  2012


Lidia Klein, Animal Architecture,  24th October 2011

Jacek Krenz, Ideograms of Architecture. Between the Sign and Meaning, 19th October 2011

Grzegorz Piątek, Cultural Centers – a New Map of Warsaw, 13 June 2011

Marek Diehl, The City Is What Everyone Sees, 16th May 2011

Tomasz Konior, Projects and Realizations. Context, Places, Emotions… Urban Fascination, 18th April 2011

Roman Rutkowski, Architectural Space in the Works of Art of the Twentieth and Early Twenty-first Century, 7th March 2011

Roman Rutkowski, Almost like in Cinema. The Architecture in Wroclaw City between Euro 2012 and Capital of Culture 2016. 7th March 2011


Szymon Piotr Kubiak, The Medicine and The Power, 22th November 2010

Ewa Kuryłowicz, Genius Loci vs. Zeitgeist. The Rules of Coexisting. 25th October 2010

Grzegorz Piątek, End of the World of Starchitects, 19th April 2010

Bartosz Haduch, NarchitecTURE. Nature+Architectur, 29th March 2010