„Art Seeks Simplicity” – Classes for children and teenages

Art Seeks Simplicity” (launched in 2012) a cycle of workshops for children and teenagers accompanied by meetings at exhibitions. The aim of the project is to introduce participants to the main issues of contemporary art, via active, creative actions. The cycle stimulates in the youth the ability to think synthetically and conceptually. It shows that creating pieces of art doesn’t need numerous and various artistic tools. All workshops refer to content of current exhibitions. The cycle is carried out by Kamila Krzanik-Dworanowska and Kazimierz Napiórkowski.


“Searching for Nature (Art)” 15th December 2015

“Tropes and Allegories”.18th November 2015

 “Graphic in Color”. 21th October 2015

 “Graphic made of Cardboard and String”.  29th 201

 “I see it in Black and White  – Portrait”. 02nd July 2015

“Sculpture in Your Hands”. 8th June 2015

“The Portrayal in Word”. 25th 2015

 “Analog Photography and Playtime in Darkness Room” 21th 1nd 23th April 2015

 “Photography – Light Drawing”.  6th March 2015

“ From Thread to Block”. 3rg December 2014

 “The Wet Picture”. 19th November 2013

 “The Found Art”. 1st October 2014

“The Composition”.  24th September 2014

“The Block of Flats”. 13th August 2014

“The Music Drawing”. 16th July 2014

“Drawing in this and That Way”. 11th June 2014

 “The Squares and Circles”. 7th May 2014

Architectural Classes 23th April 2014

“The Little Masters of Ex-libris”. 12th March 2014

“The Line as a Outline”. 12th  February 2014

“Black and White Photography”.  15th January 2014

“The Never Seen Before”. 11th December 2013

“The Wet Paint”. 13th November 2013

“To be Eyeball to the Eyeball with the Poster”. October 2013

“Little Art Forms – Painting”. 18th September 2013

“02 Click” – Photography classes. 13th August 2013

“Rag Doll”, 21st June 2013

“01 Click”– Photography classes . 22nd May 2013