Artur Trojanowski: „Feeling the End”


Artur Trojanowski: „Feeling the End

06.04 – 06.05.2018

exhibition opening: 06.04 (Friday), 6 PM / admission free


Artur Trojanowski’s new paintings collection is a result of a specific via negativa the author has gone through in search of new motives and inspirations for his works. Departure from figurative painting and research on the historical and contemporary position of the theme of landscape in visual arts made him reduce compositions to basic forms appearing as aura, energy field or afterimage rather than a certain object or space. The new works (which might trigger associations with Wojciech Fangor painting and minimal art) were made in opposition to mimetic idea of an artwork and all the perceptual limitations resulting from it. Trojanowski suggests more primary and psychosomatic contact with painting, not influenced by academic jargon and reserved. As Susan Sontag once said, all we need is not hermeneutics but erotics of art. The works presented in the new series are stylistically close to the previous collections like Figurations and Symbolic landscapes. Technique resembling computer graphic used in Emanations results in the effect of pixelation, accidental or designed lack of sharpness. What we see is a part of perceptual game in which something is at the same time revealed (in shapes and forms sometimes resembling common objects) and hidden from our sight in sequences of colorful spots and blurry contours. The spots seem to be in constant flow, stratifying and emerging something beyond the two-dimensional space of canvas, caught in a moment of transformation or the emanation itself. Sometimes some solar and lunar forms, primal symbols of the traditional cultures emerge indicating the atavisms, impressions and mental states mutual to all regardless of the experience, knowledge or contexts that shaped our sensitivity. It might seem that what we are observing are only representations of a reality that cannot find its full expression in a form of a painting. We can try to get close to it by an individual contemplation or assume that what we see is only one of many possible approaches to a form which main principles are fluctuation and flow of energy.

Jakub Wydrzyński