Bartek Jarmoliński – Organica

Bartek Jarmoliński is one the most important artists based in Łódź. He actively takes part in polish artworld. He had many individual and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź in 2001. Teh artist presented in Wozownia Art Gallery the cycle of paintings „Man-RW” (2010).
„The artist elaborated his own style, taking inspiration from pop-art, poster and hipperrealism. He comments in his paintings a contemporary world: consuption, mass-media dictatorship, aestheticization of living-space, manipulation of human life, disturbance between sacrum and profanum. Bartek Jarmoliński doesn’t affraid of difficult subjects and he is open to a dialog with a viewer.

„Organica” is a series of paintings from 2013-2014, which is based on an externalization of human body interior. The artist makes visible the digestive and circulatory systems. This way he refers to the aging of human organism, in contrast with general cult of youth.