Dorota Chilińska – Project: Life

opening 17.04 (Friday) 2015, 18.00
open till 03.05 2015

curated by: Katarzyna Lewandowska

„When I was a child, I was laing on the ground and looking at the clouds. Usually it was the full summer. I was laing and I felt that everything pulsed around me. At the moment life pulsated in million forms – inside me, under the groud, in a movement of molecules, at the sky, everywhere. I felt that my life is more than I can imagine. That’s why I often feel, that there is something inside me, what is more me than myself. I remember first biology lessons and a food chain, which ends at human. How can we know, what causes that we protect ourselves from danger, we have childreen, breath and survive, and then die to be absorbed by another life? Time passes and I still take part in a big plan of Nature, so I have many sensual experiences and life, which I manage for some time… (D. Chilińska)

Dorota Chilińska graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at the Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń. She prepared her diploma in Wojciech Bruszewski’s atelier. In 2010 she obtained PHD and she currently maneges the Multimedia Atelier.