Elogio della pittura | In Praise of Painting


Elogio della pittura | In Praise of Painting

artists: Marina Burani, Massimo Lagrotteria, Andrea Vettori

curated by: Rafał Boettner-Łubowski

23.06 – 23.07.2017


Painting has long enjoyed the reputation of the most prestigious of arts. This type of conviction has appeared, for instance, in some selected postulates of the Renaissance theory of art, such as the famous treatise of Leon Battista Alberti entitled “De Pictura”, also known under its Italian title “Della Pittura”. The high rank of painting as a classic artistic discipline did not seem to raise greater concerns until the end of the 19th century. In the first half of the 20th century, many avant-garde revolutions and re-evaluations could take place within the framework of unconventionally understood painted image. A change in this regard, however, appeared in the second half of the 20th century. It was then that radical changes in the ways of constructing artistic expressions began to appear on a broader scale, outside the discipline of painting as such. And yet, the second half of the last century also brought fascinations with painting, which manifested itself for example through the widely understood hyperrealistic and photorealistic affirmation of pictorial imaging inventions. However, in the 20th century and now there has been a lot of talk about “the death of painting”, or its exhaustion as an area of creative exploration. It should be noted that such definitive and generalizing forecasts, or worse, “stating an alleged fact” as if it has already taken place – seem to be clearly exaggerated and untrue. Painting is still a fascinating area of creative exploration for many artists, and any concerns about its contemporary development may relate more to the uncreative repetition by some authors of certain painting styles, particularly those of avant-garde or neo-avant-garde provenance.

Fascination with the possibilities of painting is manifested these days by many artists, both in Poland and abroad. For example, painting as a medium is particularly popular in Italy. This situation is apparent, among others, in the artistic environment of the Emilia-Romagna region, e.g. in Parma or around Modena, of which interesting evidence is the work of Marina Burani, Andrea Vettori, and, younger from them by a generation, Massimo Lagrotteria. Marina Burani and Andrea Vettori are a married couple associated with Parma’s artistic circles, presenting their own works in the Alphacentauri Gallery, located in the Palazzo Pallavicino in Parma. The artists made their debut on the Italian art scene in the early 1970s, while Massimo Lagrotteria is
 a creator born in 1972 and currently based in Carpi (Modena). All three, however, identify their current work with the medium of painting, although they are also set apart by some noticeable differences in terms of painting tastes.