Igor Przybylski – Dangerous Journey

The exhibition contains a series of photographes from several dozen journeys around Poland and Europe. It includes also two films presenting an experience of high speed. The photographs don’t show neither typical turistic places and monuments nor beautiful landscapes. The artist’s interests focus on the abandoned train stations, deserted areas, marks of people’s former activities. Igor Przybylski is known mainly as a painter. In his paintings he has represented the most often trains an buses. He investigates for a visual aspect of transport and a communication through different signs.

Igor Przybylski graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He prepared his diploma at the atelier of prof. Jarosław Modzelewski in 2002, PHD in 2012. He is an Assistant Professor at the prof. Modzelewski’s atelier. His main activities are painting, photography, film and performance. He cooperates with M2 Gallery.