Izabela Łapińska: “Clinical Picture”

Izabela Łapińska: “Clinical Picture

06.04 – 06.05.2018

exhibition opening: 06.04 (Friday), 6 PM / free admission


The cycle of photographs Clinical Picture deals with the notion of the tissue, living or dead organic matter, characterised by the specific structure and form of existence. Degenerations of formal and biological nature, the process of changes taking place in the tissue structure seem particularly interesting. The project aims at profound photographic observation and perpetuation of natural phenomena, though they are often unintentional, unnoticed, and sometimes even deliberately overlooked.

Meristem focuses on a plant, its anatomy, shape, structure. The plant tissue – merystem has become an object of artistic penetration. The function of the tool, the penetrating needle is taken by the camera lens. In the photo studio an ordinary beetroot plays a role of a celebrity-model. It is transformed into an object that seduces with its texture and colour by means of light, composition and framing, A flower, depending on the time of the dead existence and depiction, takes anthropomorphic forms. Meristem shows the richness of existing phenomena, aetiology of the tissue.

Biopsy extracts the living tissue, revealing similarities and differences. The body, composed in the space of the frame, undergoes a long-lasting process of perception, medical observation ‒ a needle-free, no-touch examination. The skin haptically hurts the viewer’s feelings. The photo shows strong extreme inclinations, from ideal bodies, with a small crack, to painful and fleshy bodies. Trivialising the view of a naked, erotic body, ‘chic pornography’ appears in a strong opposition to exposing an ordinary body, causing discomfort and a sense of unjustified shame. A cabinet of curiosities.

In silence Autopsy sees things ‘with its own eyes’. It uses photography to lend credence to the post mortem examination. The dead tissue, deprived of the vital signs, still keeps up appearances of the material existence. Shapes, prints, cold fleshly forms have not been lost in the process of self-destruction and decay. The anatomy of death.  Corpus Mortuus.  A disturbingly empty body.

Izabela Łapińska


Izabela Łapińska – doctorate and habilitation in the field of film art, specialisation in photography at the National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Lodz. A graduate in photography at this school. She also graduated from the University of Lodz, the Faculty of Culture Studies, specialisation in film. She participated in dozens of exhibitions of photography in Poland and abroad and she had numerous publications in French, Belgian, Russian, Czech and Greek periodicals. The artist’s works have been published in the Belgian magazine ‘Objectif’, in the French edition of ‘PHOTO’, in Polish magazines ‘Pozytyw’ and ‘Camera Obscura’. Her photos are in private collections in France, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Australia, Argentina. Izabela Łapińska took part in international projects and scientific conferences which were concerned with the issues of human body in culture.