Jacek Szczepanek, Małgorzata Chodyna, Paweł Sokołowski, Ewa Żurakowska – Heavy Industry is Me

The exhibiton presents a sound project realized with of inhabitants of the former mining regions of Poland (Nowa Ruda, Aglomeracja Wałbrzyska) and Germany (Dortmund, Ruhgebiet). The former miners were asked to play sounds connected with their former workplace. A matter of the artwork are sounds of coalmine produced by human voice. Unique sounds of industry functions in each worker’s memory. They getting old with those whe remember them. While coalmines stay closed, poeple can only imagine their sound environment. The project „Heavy industry is me” shows how industrial sounds are filtered through the memory, perception and creative abilities of former miners. Their individual expresion is a part of our community perception of the industrial heritage.