Justyna Olszewska ‘Aututomy’


The exhibition by Justyna Olszewska is a prelude to a larger cycle, the edition what is planned for February 2017 year. It will be a consistent continuation of the previously discussed subjects related to physicality, and above all, to the skin – which the artist compares to the map of human experience. The skin membrane, the outer layer of our constantly clashes with the outside world, being transformed, mechanically damaged. On the one hand it is treated as armor that protects our inside from the world, on the other hand, it is the link between what is hidden in the depths of us, and what surrounds us. The artist in her videoperformances enters into relationships with the matter. Objects used in the works undergo continuous transformations – they have a memory of touch, and actually touch of memory.

Justyna Olszewska (b. 1990 in Szczecin). Master’s degree at the Faculty of Sculpture and Spatial Operations at the University of Arts in Poznan. Assistant in II Drawing Interdisciplinary Laboratory at the Faculty of Art Education UAP. Her art is video-art, performance art, installation and sculpture. She often experiments with her body, which she treata as a creative material. She got Scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (2013), Artistic Scholarship of the City of Poznan (2015). www.justynaolszewska.pl