Marcin Berdyszak – Everyday Practice in the Times of Consumption

28.10. – 16.11.2014  Marcin Berdyszak’s art is rooted in the avant-garde of XX century. He uses its own tools in order to reveal an inadequacy of its achievements. Berdyszak’s art... » Czytaj więcej

Igor Przybylski – Dangerous Journey

The exhibition contains a series of photographes from several dozen journeys around Poland and Europe. It includes also two films presenting an experience of high speed. The photographs don’t show... » Czytaj więcej

Marian Stępak – Crying

17.10.- 9.11.2014 Crying is a projects including series of photographs and short videos. Artist’s inspiration were tries with resin runnign down their trunks, observed in Kotlina Kłodzka. He documented this... » Czytaj więcej

Anita Andrzejewska – Deliberately

12.09-12.10.2014 Anita Andrzejewska travels a lot, but in her works there is more staying on place than moving, more intimacy, concentration on other human than reporter momentary observation. Andrzejewska’s photographs... » Czytaj więcej


12.09-12.10.2014 Kostas Kiritsis, whose principal medium is photography, has made the book the principal and most significant form of his art. Another recurring theme of his works in the decline... » Czytaj więcej

Katarzyna Adaszewska – Souvenir from the Seaside

12.09-12.10.2014   The artist is inspired by children’s toys but they become in her works a separate matter. She refers to a mess of playing and a common children’s surrounding.... » Czytaj więcej

Paulina Paździera – Parts

12.09-12.10.2014 Paulina Paździera’s drawings are inspired by small objects like twig of stem, dog fur, fragments of paper, burnt root, etc. She is touched by their delicateness and fragility. She... » Czytaj więcej

Studio. Lucjan Demidowski i Marcin Sudziński. Photography Form the Circle of Illusionism

Curated by: Krzysztof Jurecki 8-31.08. 2014 Lucjan Demidowski and Marcin Sudziński work in Lubilin. They use a studio and dark-room in the „Brama Grodzka-Teatr NN”. They belong to the different... » Czytaj więcej

Aleksandra Sojak-Borodo, Katarzyna Skrobała – RUBINKOWO

8.08 – 7.09. 2014 The idea of the project about Rubinkowo (block district distant from the city center) arose in 2013. It was preceded by accidental activities connected with the... » Czytaj więcej

Krzysztof Kurłowicz – Home Edition

Home Edition presents polaroid photographs, taken by the artist in the period of 2012-2014. The exhibition consists of black and white and also color pictures. The pictures associate with paintings.... » Czytaj więcej