Ewa Doroszenko, Jacek Doroszenko “The same horizon repeated at every moment of the walk”

Art Laboratory 2015 / The Artist as Anthropologist curated by: Maria Niemyjska Opening 6 November 2015 open till 29 November 2015 When traveling, most people take photographs and use them... » Czytaj więcej

Monika Mausolf – Dendra

Monika Mausolf “Dendra” Opening 6 November 2015 open till 29 November 2015   The title of Monika Mausolf’s exhibition, on display at Wozownia Art Gallery in Toruń – “Dendra” –... » Czytaj więcej

8th International Graphic Triennial “Color in Graphic Art” – Duets

curated by: Mirosław Pawłowski opening 25.09.2015 , 18.00 open till 31.10.2015   Thirty years have passed since the materialization of the idea to subordinate the presentation of contemporary graphic art... » Czytaj więcej

Marek Rogulus Rogulski – Aerolit-energy braiding

opening 10.07.2015, 18.00 open till 30.08.2015 An individal exhibition of Marek Rogulski (born in 1967) in Wozownia Art Gallery is a kind of retrospective of the artist, as his work... » Czytaj więcej


31. 07 – 13. 09 The exhibition “Rafał Boettner-Łubowski and Laboratory Open Interpretation of Art” aims to present some creative searches of persons associated in the Laboratory Open Interpretation of... » Czytaj więcej

Basia Sokołowska – The Terror of Being Alive/ O przerażeniu istot żywych

31 July – 13 September 2015 Then most recent works by Basia Sokolowska feature botanical warriors, who attack or escape like fighting insects. The underlining cause of their behaviour is... » Czytaj więcej

Judyta Bernaś – Oneness

opening 10.07.2015, 18.00 open till 26.08.2015 28 large-format prints from the series The Way (2008) and Light (2012) is a personal interpretation of the Way of the Cross and the... » Czytaj więcej

Od conditio humana do…

15.05. – 28.06. A puropse of the exhibition is a philisophique and antropologique refelection about different artistic ideas of human being. The show presents diffrent ways of imaging human existance.... » Czytaj więcej

Dilemmas of Identity/ Identitatsdilemmata

georgia Krawiec / Dichotomy of Sockets Ute Lindner / I’m still in my house opening 17.04 (Friday) 2015, 18.00 open till 10.05 2015 A georgia Krawiec’s project Dichotomy of Sockets... » Czytaj więcej

Tytus Szabelski – Reconstruction

31.07 – 13.09.2015 Photos from the series “Reconstruction” show spaces, which at first glance seem natural, but as a whole have been created by man: animal crossing over the highway... » Czytaj więcej