Profession: Women Atelier of Multimedia at the WSP UMK in Toruń led by Dorota Chilińska

03.02. – 08.02.2015 Eight women only has joined my atelier of multimedia. All their class consists of women. I have observed the young women, changes in their approach to the world... » Czytaj więcej

Bartek Jarmoliński – Organica

Bartek Jarmoliński is one the most important artists based in Łódź. He actively takes part in polish artworld. He had many individual and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. He... » Czytaj więcej

LSC -Unlimited Space

Sylwia Jakubowska, Katarzyna Józefowicz, Robert Kaja, Małgorzata Kręcka-Rozenkranz, Adriana Majdzińska, Janina Rudnicka, Tomasz Skórka, Tomasz Sobisz, Marek Targoński, Małgorzata Wiśniewska Curated by: Sylwia Jakubowska 28.11. –  28.12.2014 The exhibition contains... » Czytaj więcej

Konterfekt – Similarities in Time and Memory

14.11 – 7.12.2014 Maciej Olekszy presented in Wozownia in 2013 paintings from the cycle „Walenty Potwora”. The cycle was dedicated to Walenty Potwora – a disable, 43 years ols man,... » Czytaj więcej

Katarzyna Tretyn-Zečević – Sekretnik

The „Sekretnik” cycle deals up with two different areas – on the one hand it refers to the process of searching for an east-european identity, on the other hand it... » Czytaj więcej

Marcin Berdyszak – Everyday Practice in the Times of Consumption

28.10. – 16.11.2014  Marcin Berdyszak’s art is rooted in the avant-garde of XX century. He uses its own tools in order to reveal an inadequacy of its achievements. Berdyszak’s art... » Czytaj więcej

Igor Przybylski – Dangerous Journey

The exhibition contains a series of photographes from several dozen journeys around Poland and Europe. It includes also two films presenting an experience of high speed. The photographs don’t show... » Czytaj więcej

Marian Stępak – Crying

17.10.- 9.11.2014 Crying is a projects including series of photographs and short videos. Artist’s inspiration were tries with resin runnign down their trunks, observed in Kotlina Kłodzka. He documented this... » Czytaj więcej

Anita Andrzejewska – Deliberately

12.09-12.10.2014 Anita Andrzejewska travels a lot, but in her works there is more staying on place than moving, more intimacy, concentration on other human than reporter momentary observation. Andrzejewska’s photographs... » Czytaj więcej


12.09-12.10.2014 Kostas Kiritsis, whose principal medium is photography, has made the book the principal and most significant form of his art. Another recurring theme of his works in the decline... » Czytaj więcej