Katarzyna Tretyn-Zečević: „The day that wasn’t”


Katarzyna Tretyn-Zečević: „The day that wasn’t”

25.08 – 24.09.2017

curated by: Natalia Cieślak


The exhibition entitled The day that wasn’t (Dzień, którego nie było) shows the works of Katarzyna Tretyn-Zečević, created as part of her collaboration with the Toruń Centre for Astronomy in Piwnice. Recalling the various methods of space exploration, indicating the progressing development of technology and research methodology, or metaphorising astronomical phenomena and transposing them into completely new contexts, she accentuates the dependence between the sphere of scientific experience and the plane of human self-reflection. It is the human being she makes the central object of her artistic inquiry, in her works always appearing against the background of the complex machine of the universe. Starting from the issues that deal with science, Katarzyna Tretyn-Zečević has shown that even though every day brings new discoveries and we are still reaching further, there are still realms of experience that cannot be described in a precise, mathematical way. The claim that scientific speculation will provide us with an objective image of the world and knowledge of ourselves, echoing since the Age of Enlightenment, has diverged from reality. The day of complete elimination of humanistic considerations by scientism has not come. On the contrary – scientific analysis stimulates this reflection.