Katarzyna Tretyn-Zečević – Sekretnik

The „Sekretnik” cycle deals up with two different areas – on the one hand it refers to the process of searching for an east-european identity, on the other hand it involves an intimacy between two people. Starting point was the artist’s double name – one is Polish, another –Serbian. It is a symbol of relationship between herself and her Serbian husband, a link between two people and two nations. The exhibition will be presented in Poland and Serbia. „Sekretnik” means a necklace with a hiding place to store secret souvenirs from the beloved one. Tretyn-Zečević treats her paitings as „Sekretnik”, where she stores Polish and Serbian words.

Katarzyna Tretyn-Zečević was born in 1983 in Włocławek. He obtained PHD at the Department of Fine Arts at the Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń. She presented her art in individual and group exhibitions. Tretyn-Zečević rejected traditional painting for fancywork and actually she creats her works with help of scissors and thred.