Laura Pawela: “Reallaura” / on-line show


Laura Pawela: “Reallaura”

start: 20.05.2020 (6PM)

finalization of the show: 21.06.2020


Facebooku event


It is the tradition of the RYSOWAĆ exhibitions to organize accompanying events: exhibitions, meetings with artists whose works can be inspiring for the participants of a given edition and fit in with the theme proposed in the exhibition title. This time, in reference to hashtags, I would like to recall a unique project in this context…

Polish visual artist Laura Pawela made her debut in 2002 – project “Reallaura”, that using mobile wittily commented on the changes in the information society.“Reallaura” project took place in 2001–2004 as spam-art and mobile-art. It was one of the first polish artistic projects, which was based on mobile telephony and the Internet. The following episodes of the “Reallaura” were sent either as pictures either as spam to an extensive list of subscribers. They could also be downloaded from a special website directly to Your mobile phone as a wallpaper. 2001, years before social media and Facebook as we know them today, “Reallaura” presented day to day life of a young artist in the form of short, lucid comments – this was fresh, unecpected and was a surprising use of new technologies and the space they create.

“Reallaura” was a project made especially for old type mobile phones that were in common use at the beginning of the 21st century. It was a special collection of graphics composed of pixels, which anyone could have on the screen of their phone, thus identifying themselves with the texts of Reallaura. One graphics cost was less than one dollar.

Laura Pawela accepted the invitation to this year’s edition of the exhibition. The „Reallaura” Project was to be presented in the Wozownia Art Gallery, but after the change of the exhibition’s formula Reallaura returns “to the net” and may become a starting point to reflect on the staggering pace of technological development, pushing the boundaries of privacy, a history lesson for young people… We hope that in the future we will meet Laura in reality!