Konterfekt – Similarities in Time and Memory

14.11 – 7.12.2014

Maciej Olekszy presented in Wozownia in 2013 paintings from the cycle „Walenty Potwora”. The cycle was dedicated to Walenty Potwora – a disable, 43 years ols man, who lives in a small town Głubczyce in the south of Poland. The artist pays attention to Walenty’s uncommon artistic sensibility as well as to his natural, deep engagement in posing for portrait.

This time, Olekszy presents in Wozownia oli and watrecolor portraits of different people and places. The artist claims that he is inspired by the nature and things directly connected with himself. He also use themes taken from his memory.

Maciej Olekszy graduated from the Department of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. He obtained his diploma in the atelier of profesor Jan Świtka. He mainly use watercolor technique, because it eneables taking notes of reality and memory.