Małgorzata Wielek-M & Robert Listwan: “I Have a Good Day Today”


/ Małgorzata Wielek-M & Robert Listwan: I Have a Good Day Today

13.01 – 19.02.2017

opening: 13.01 (Friday), 6 P.M. / free admission


The exhibition of Robert Listwan and Małgorzata Wielek-M at the Wozownia Art Gallery is a confrontation of two painting attitudes of artists, who are at a special point of their career. With a history of undertaken (or abandoned), studied and developed subjects, they selected for the presentation in Torun a synthesis of their experience – the portrait. In this particular artistic form, which is currently intuitively closest to them, they focus on painting the processes of formation of self-awareness, identity, and presence in the modern world. They share a passion for secrecy and the interweaving of meanings into elaborate veils, which force the viewer to focus and be curious in deciphering all codes inscribed in the picture. They are divided not only by expressiveness or temperament, but by physical distance – working in Olsztyn and Krakow, these artists, in fact, have never met. Their friendship – virtual, intellectual, and inspiring to explore their own possibilities, new activities and ideas – makes this exhibition-meeting of these artists in the space of Toruń’s Wozownia full of tensions and contrasts, mutual complements, and expanding details, it highlights and fosters the exchange of motives, clues and symbols.