Marian Stępak – Crying

17.10.- 9.11.2014

Crying is a projects including series of photographs and short videos. Artist’s inspiration were tries with resin runnign down their trunks, observed in Kotlina Kłodzka. He documented this touching process on the photographs, which are presented on the exhibition. One year later the author couldn’t find the tries – a „secret garden” discovered before desapeared. The films show a process of searching the desapeared „secret garden”.

Marian Stępak is one the most known local artists. He actively participates in the local art scene. He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at the Nicolas Copernicus University (diploma in 1983), and he is a Professor at the home university. He runs a gallery „Nad Wisłą” and performance art festival „Koło czasu”, which takes place in Center of Contemporary Art in Toruń every Autumn.