Michał Kokot: “I Used to Play Cards with Clouds”


Michał Kokot: I Used to Play Cards with Clouds

curator: Hubert Czachowski

03.03 – 02.04.2017

opening: 03.03 (Friday), 6 P.M. / free admission


Very seldom indeed does one come across artists who develop along similar lines as Michał Kokot. His work eludes all clichés, in that, on the one hand, it references propositions that are avant-garde in the extreme, being as they are inspired by symbolism, surrealism, Dadaism and conceptual art. On the other hand, the artist’s work explores his fascination with the common man, as well as with plebeian and folk culture. Kokot’s path as an artist differs widely from that of most of his peers. His earliest works, completed in the 1960s, were very avant-garde indeed – at least that is how they came across at the time. But as his work developed,  the quest for simplicity of message became his main concern. However, even in Kokot’s early works, meditation on ordinary people, their lot and on the transient quality of life, had been the prevalent theme.  The fact that Kokot’s voice has always stood apart made it ill-suited to the worn clichés which had currency among art critics. He broke away from every style, and broke free from the imposed restraints of academism. His impressive  imagination has enabled him to disregard the dominant currents, and follow his own path instead – not least in relation to his own work, which he kept transgressing in search of new directions and new challenges.

(Hubert Czachowski)