Petr Dub: Anthropologist Translated


Petr Dub: Anthropologist Translated

25.11.2016 – 08.01.2017

exhibition opening: 25.11.2016 (Friday), 6 p.m. / admission free


The exhibition of Petr Dub ends a project “The artist as a traveler.” This theme is a direct continuation of topics discussed in two previous years as a part of series “The artist as anthropologist.” Presenting the series of activities in which artists approached the anthropologists, it was hard to ignore the fact that a large part of the projects was implemented during the journey. Contemporary artists are constantly traveling, seeking inspiration in private expeditions, as well as participating in residential programs.

Petr Dub realizes the exhibition “Anthropologist Translated” within the framework of residency programme of  the Torun Cultural Agenda. The work includes the dimension of travel on more metaphorical  plane. It’s about the journey of meanings. One of the walls of the gallery is covered with the David Harvey’s essay “Right to the City”, translated into Polish by Google Translator. In this way, the artist emphasizes the ability to interpret the rebellious message in the context of local issues. Migration of the text between languages ​​and regions reflects the journey of the global crisis, which causes unpredictable results in different places of the globe. Guests of the exhibition will be able to correct and comment the text, using the tools developed by the artist. They will make the text consistent with the rules of Polish language, but they can also make impact on the content of the essay.


Petr Dub – born. in 1976. Master and doctoral studies on FAVU BUT in Brno and AAAD in Prague. His works cover a wide spectrum of problems of the contemporary world: the ideology,  capital, memory, globality and locality. He creates installations and paintings-objects, in which elements hidden under canvas press against the smooth, taut “skin” of the painting, causing various shapes bulge. The different series of works are a commentary on the various cultural phenomena, but also talk about personal experiences.