Sebastian Kłosowski – Without issue


The exhibition WITHOUT ISSUE is an analysis of a place. It shows the impermanence of objects in the context of their memory, so that it gives the viewer a possibility of finding timeless and relevant values. The works are constructed as the definitions, in which the words regain their meaning.” The viewer can ask the question – whether the remains of the past are still worth something?

The exhibition consists of installations that display elements (details of the material world), not for the aesthetics but meanings. Each proposal is a “defined world”, in which there is no commercialism and aesthetisation. The exhibition stops the viewer in a place where perhaps he would never stop. Most of the elements of the exhibition can’t be restored to the modern world. The man see the world as something natural or thoroughly understandable. However, this may cause, that his perception even for years assimilates illusions, treating them as truth. The exhibition is to stimulate reflection, that a man can be a slave to his knowledge regardless of time and place.

Sebastian  Kłosowski- born 1970 in Torun. In 1996 he graduated from the Higher School of Fine Arts in Poznan (now UAP). The artist derived from post-conceptual environment. The major contributors were his professors: Jerzy Ludwiński with whom completed a degree in art theory and Jaroslaw Kozlowski leading the Studio of Installation and Drawing in which Kłosowski completed his diploma. In the years 1995-1997 he worked closely with the Foundation for Artistic Practices “and” participating in the exhibitions. He presented his work at exhibitions: 1995/exhibition “seemingly sketchy and sloppy,” Tumult Gallery in Torun, in 1999 – an exhibition line cuts in Action Gallery, Warsaw, and in 1999 – the exhibition in Galeria nad Wisłą in Toruń.