Sonia Rammer: „Patchwork”


Sonia Rammer: „Patchwork”

12.01 – 18.02.2018

exhibition opening: 12.01 (Friday), 6 PM / admission free

curated by: Marta Smolińska


Art plays a (non)obvious part in inspiring us to reflect upon these current and crucial affairs. It can appeal to our sense of hospitality without becoming journalistic. Sonia Rammer’s paintings and objects, displayed on an individual exhibition in the lower hall of the Wozownia Gallery in Toruń, were inspired by photographs of crowded refugees, from the distance looking like colourful patchworks of spots, with orange as a strong accent, distinctive of the life vests. The arrival of these newcomers creates a patchy society which, as Rammer seems to suggest in her works by visual means, can be harmonious, or even beautiful, as a heavenly bird. Her large-format canvases show ambiguous, patchwork forms that not only refer to the shorelines of the isles that the refugees reach, but also are reminiscent of meteorological maps that forecast a more or less stormy future.

Rammer does not pretend to be engaged; rather, through her art, she makes us acknowledge a sort of a cold, rutted distance with which we observe the refugees’ struggle through the lens of mass media. We read about them drowning in the sea, being victimized and used by mafia all over the world, and, eventually, being herded in camps from which they are threatened to be deported. Without blinking an eye, we learn about the statistics of their deaths, or about the horrid reports of rapes on young women or human trafficking. The screen of a TV or a computer that we read news on, or the rustle of a newspaper keep us at a safe distance from the actual dimension of these tragedies.

In her works, Rammer shows us that the maps of the promised isles where the refugees head look like multi-part patchworks: beautiful and all but abstract, like dreams about a new, better life beyond persecutions and violence. The paintings draw us in and delude our perception with their purely pictorial quality, challenging the concept of engaged art or the utopian belief in its power.

Marta Smolińska