Tobiasz Jędrak: Talks with Feral Pigs


Art Laboratory 2016. Artist as a Traveler / curated by: Maria Niemyjska

Tobiasz Jędrak: Talks with Feral Pigs


opening: 05.08 (Friday), 6 pm / free admission


The project “Artist as a Traveler” aims to show the various relationships between the travel of artists and their works, especially creative strategies, in which the phenomena encountered during the trip become the material of works themselves.

Tobiasz Jędrak is an interdisciplinary artist: his art is based on photography, video, sound and text. His creative activity results from treatment of urban space as a studio and place of permanent open air. The artist sees journey as a set of possibilities, a reservoir of places, situations, gestures and experiences. Crossing the urban areas and suburbia, he enters the space abandoned and peripherals, where it is easier to encounter wild animals than humans. Exhibition “Talks with feral pigs” presents material from semi-private open air, short stays and walks. The exhibition is a collage of notes, observations and sound experiments as well as an attempt to translate the private adventures on the universal language of art.


Tobiasz Jędrak (1985) studied theater and film studies at the Jagiellonian Universtity in Cracow and intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, where he obtained a diploma All Jan Sohle’s houses. He is also graduated from intermedia at the University fo Fine Art in Poznań. The exhibiotion in Wozownia is his first individual show.