Tytus Szabelski – Reconstruction

31.07 – 13.09.2015

Photos from the series “Reconstruction” show spaces, which at first glance seem natural, but as a whole have been created by man: animal crossing over the highway looking like clearing, canal looking like a river, or a forest of too regular intervals between the trees. The artist captures this type of spaces paying attention to the ambiguous distinction between artificial and natural forms of terrain. Captured by Tytus Szabelski locations are traces of different human strategies towards nature – from attempts to follow after nature to the giving back to nature exploited by civilization sites and things in order to “heal” them.

Tytus Szabelski –photographer, a graduate of journalism and communication at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, currently studying photography at the University of Arts in Poznan. His photos have appeared both in the local press and national (including Puls Biznesu, Polish Newsweek, Polityka). He collaborated with the Center of Contemporary Art in Toruń and Krytyka Polityczna. In his artistic practice he pays attention to the behavior and relationships of people among themselves and with the surrounding space, as well as he focuses on issues related to the circulation of information and manipulation taking place in it. Author of two solo exhibitions and participant of several collective shows, a winner of the scholarship of the city of Torun in the field of culture (2012) and the International Youth Photography Festival in Yaroslavl (2012), the author of documentation used at the Festival of Architecture and Design TORMIAR in Torun CCA (2014).