Towards human. Homage to Zofia Rydet



opening: 01.07 (Friday), 6 p.m.


artists: Maciej Herman, Agnieszka Hunicz, Piotr Kosiński, Mateusz Palka, Andrzej Różycki, Tomasz Sobieraj

curated by: Krzysztof Jurecki


The artistic output of Zofia Rydet proved the most influential in terms of contemporary Polish photography. Along Jerzy Lewczyński and his idea of “archeology of photography” as well as Zdzisław Beksiński with his works from 1953–1960, she belongs to the most important Polish photographers. It’s certain that Sociological Record 19781990 is yet to hold a prominent place in the history of world photography as an unfinished visual account of the Polish society spanning up to the transformation of 1989. However, not only this cycle turned out essential for the present disciples of artistic photography, also in terms of the documentary dimension. 

The exposition at Wozownia presents various possible readings of the artist’s output, ways of being inspired by it, or finally, following the paths pioneered by Rydet. On the one hand, her work referred to modernist art and foreshadowed the postmodernist art, on the other hand, it referred to the documentary, which for Rydet was close to the form of a report since both terms used to be treated as equivalent.