Profession: Women Atelier of Multimedia at the WSP UMK in Toruń led by Dorota Chilińska

03.02. – 08.02.2015

Eight women only has joined my atelier of multimedia. All their class consists of women. I have observed the young women, changes in their approach to the world and in their self-defining, for a long time. Creating together the exhibition we moved our realtionships to the area of art. I thougt about a Vladimir Paral’s novel „Professional Women”. It’s main character is Sonia – pretty and unusual women – who is alternately admired and oppressed. Nonethless she can take advantage of all hard experiences. We aim, similarly to Paral, to refer to the schemes, which simultanously destroy and order our world. Femininity is always marked by an ambiguity. Women look for a safety which limits development, freedom and finally love, which is the only thing worth to be faithful to. I wish girls to stay true to themselves, to belieeve in womenly instinct and to not to stop making art.  Dorota Chilińska