Zofia Martin – Cheerful Bunch

The work consist of sculptural interpretations of poems for childreen from the collection „Cheerful Bunch”. Poems like „About Juleczek, who used to suck his finger” and „Very sad story of a boy, who didn’t want to eat a soup”, which I decided to interpret, are moralizing macabres addressed to childreen. These are the rhymes conculded with blood and death, but written in very charming way. Their form is opposite to the content, but constantly the receiver is a child.
I decided to represent one of the poems using ceramics – I formed about 60 small,„sweet” fingers, covered with a glaze which recalls blood. Another poem I represented using a pile of spoons placed on the small table. A sound is also important part of the work – the peoms are read aloud by the innocent childreen. Zofia Martin

Zofia Martin is a student of the Intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk