Bogna Morawska ‘Left-hand skill’

Art Laboratory 2015. The artist as anthropologist.
Curated by Maria Niemyjska
opening 04.12.2015
exhibition open until 03.01.2016

The artist inspired by various facts and superstitions about left-handedness, has taken learning to use her left hand. Her progress is documented by performing a series of drawings with her left hand. The artist prepared also   exercises on the left hand for visitors of the exhibition.
“As a right-handed person, I’ve always had difficulty performing certain actions with my left hand, for example I can’t cut my nails without help. In the absence of these skills, I am curiosity of individuals who use both hands. It seemed to me that is a matter of practice, which finally is not so simple and obvious.
It is amazing how many myths about left-handedness can be found on the Internet. We can find the names of famous left-handed, or information about the difference in IQ between people of different lateralization.
Creating drawings with my left hand, searching for information about left-handedness turned into a fun process that combines elements of art and science. It is a specific experiment that shows how using my left hand affects the perception of my everyday life. ” Bogna Morawska

Bogna Morawska- a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, diploma in lithography. Student of Post-Secondary School of Design and Fashion Confectioning in Torun. A multimedia artist, working in many areas of art: lithography, performance, installation, painting. She is also a graphic designer, she cooperates with a fashion designer Jolie su.